Super Mario never seems to lose its touch especially since the release of Super Mario Bros. in fact, this classic game has a vast online following of loyal plays. Its fans are scattered all over the world, and, consequently, players’ profiles are brilliantly diverse. What’s more, the online community is growing consistently as more people give the game a try.

You too can become part of the growing online community and enjoy the thrill of playing this classic game. Here are some sites where you can play Super Mario Bros online.

  • com is one of the leading online platforms for playing a wide range of retro games. The site specializes in classics from platforms such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega. Consequently, it has all of Super Mario games from its first version to Super Mario Bros 3.

All the games on this site are unlocked and easy to access. As such, you do not have to pay or hack your way in to play. What’s more, you can play against any other player on the platform. Simply log onto the site and search for Super Mario Bros to play any of its three versions.

  • Mario Games Free is another excellent platform on which to play any Super Mario game, including Super Mario Bros. This site is dedicated solely to Super Mario games, and it has in its collection every version of the game. Additionally, its gaming platform is seamless as the games play flawlessly with a good internet connection in place.

This platform is highly esteemed among Super Mario fans thanks to its exclusivity so you will be joining a vast and proud online community. It is also free and easy to navigate, and it takes only a minute to begin playing.

  • Emulator Online is a comprehensive gaming platform, and it has a wide range of Super Mario games in its collection. The platform has a neat layout that makes it easy to locate the Super Mario Bros version of your choice. What’s more, there are no financial or legal barriers to playing, and this has led to a vibrant online community of gamers. Additionally, players can communicate and exchange ideas directly on the platform, and this gives way to friendship both online and personally.

  • Let’s Play Sega is widely recognized for its long-standing experience in offering games online ranging from classic Sega and Nintendo games to modern mobile games. It has in its collection Super Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3, as well as a host of other Super Mario games. And, like the previous platforms, these games are free to access from anywhere in the world. The online gaming community is, hence, diverse ranging from Europe to Spain and the U.S., and communication is permitted directly on the platform.


There are numerous online platforms where you can play Super Mario Bros. However, to save yourself the trouble of searching, consider trying out one of these websites to get the best playing experience and become part of an extraordinary online gaming community.

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